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FreezeFrame has become the standard in the field for automated fear conditioning. It combines the sensitivity of the human observer with the objectivity and high throughput of automation. While infrared beams can detect gross movements of an animal from one part of the cage to another, FreezeFrame can detect the minute movements of grooming, sniffing, turning and rearing. And FreezeFrame monitors the animal 2-4 times per second, not once every 5 seconds, for far more objective and reproducible results.

Not a tracking system. A proprietary motion detection algorithm filters out shadows, light flicker and camera noise, and detects movements as small as 1 mm.

Fully validated. Greater than 90% concordance between FreezeFrame and trained human observers.

Ordering FreezeFrame:

Number of channels:

The basic 4-channel system uses one computer to record from up to 4 animals at once. 4 cameras are provided, with each camera viewing one animal. For 8- and 12-channel operation, 2 or 3 computers can be connected together via ethernet or serial cables. The user then interacts with only one computer, which in turn controls the others.

Order WaterMaze, LimeLight and/or FreezeFrame together as a single, cost-effective system that will perform almost any behavioral task.  
4 CCD cameras with auto-iris zoom lenses
4-channel video acquisition board
Cables and connectors
Interface box for shocker control outputs
Data acquisition and analysis software
System requirements:

Desktop Pentium computer with room for 1 PCI slot
Windows 95/98/2000/XP
256 MBytes of memory
1024x768 monitor resolution
If trial video images are to be stored to disk, a large harddrive and fast CD burner are recommended.
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The ACT-120 includes the connectors and cabling for controlling up to four light stimuli in a FreezeFrame Fear Conditioning System.  One ACT-120 is required for each FreezeFrame system that employs a visual stimulus. more info
Contact our Behavioral Research Specialists for more information

Data Analysis and Collection for Circadian Biology

Does it take you longer than 30 seconds to measure phase shifts? If so, ClockLab, the industry standard for the collection and analysis of circadian activity data, can help. It combines a point-and-click interface with state-of-the-art algorithms. Embedded controls turn each graph into a powerful interactive tool for data analysis. Our users enjoy ClockLab's speed and convenience. ClockLab's Analysis program has been applied to mice, hamsters, rats, drosophila, humans, bees, algae, Eurasion Lynx in the zoo, radio-tagged squirrels in the wilds of Alaska, horseshoe crabs, and soil chemistry signals from the Mars Viking Lander.

ClockLab's data collection program incorporates a large array of features at reasonable cost:
    Up to 448 channels on a desktop or laptop machine
    USB interface for instant setup
    Integrated light control and light recording
    High-density switch connections
    Remote data access via internet
    Record switches, motion detectors, Minimitter ER-4000's
Paste actograms and other plots into presentation graphics programs like PowerPoint, Illustrator or Photoshop. Every graph is completely editable.
Automated detection of activity onsets and offsets makes it possible to
    Measure phase shifts
    Measure mean alpha
    Predict future activity onsets... all with a few mouse clicks.
Zoomable actograms for easy navigation through long records. Just drag on an interesting part of the actogram to zoom in. Then click to display the periodogram, FFT or activity profile for the chosen data segment.
Chi-squared periodograms, activity profiles, FFT's and auto-correlograms.
Bout anlaysis.
Export all data and analyses to spreadsheet files.
Access data in many formats, including...ClockLab format, Stanford Software's Chronobiology Kit, Actiwatch, Dataquest, Minimitter, Trikinetics and others.
Extensive batch processing capabilities for printing and analysis.
Windows compatible.

Analysis program (Circadian Toolbox)

A single-computer license for the analysis program can be purchased on its own. It requires the purchase of Matlab (The Mathworks, Natick, MA). Only the basic Matlab is required. Toolboxes, simulink, the compilers and Excel Builder are not required. The Student verison is not recommended and will not work for large data files.

Complete system (Data collection and analysis)

56 Channels
1 56-channel interface box

112 Channels
2 56-channel interface box

168 Channels
3 56-channel interface box

224 Channels
4 56-channel interface boxes

Light-control hardware
8 channels per interface. Up to 100 additional channels available with special purpose output hardware

Minimitter E-Mitter recording module.
Hardware available separately from Mini-Mitter. Ordered as add-on to 56 or more channel-system.

Preconfigured computer
Preloaded software, data acquisition boards and drivers (Monitor not included).

Complete system setup
We will help identify and install chambers, cages, wheels and other sensors.

Multi-computer site license for the ClockLab Analysis program is available with each data collection system.

Upgrades of the data collection and analysis program are free for 3 years.

System Requirements

The data analysis system runs on Windows 2000/XP and requires only the basic MATLAB program (no toolboxes or Simulink necessary) from The MathWorks, Inc. if your institution does not already have a site license available.

Data collection requires a computer running Windows 2000/XP with a clock speed of 500 MHz or greater and 128 MB memory. Monitor resolution of 1024x768 or better. Zip drive , flash memory stick or network connection recommended for accessing files during data collection.
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ClockLab's 56-channel interface is a small (8" wide) box that connects to the computer via a USB cable. Using a USB hub, up to 8 interface boxes can be connected to a single computer, for 448 input channels.

Each interface box has on its face 8 RJ-45, or ethernet-style, connectors. These connectors have 8 pins. As shown in the diagram below, one pin serves as a ground, and the other as inputs for 7 different channels. Each switch (or other input device, such as an infrared motion detector) is simply connected between the ground and one of the signal pins. When the switch closes, the program detects an event on the corresponding input channel.

Each input channel can be used to count events on a switch or other detector. Or it can be configured to detect the lights in the experimental room or chamber. For light detection, a photodetector (provided) is connected to the input channel, and the program is configured to store that channel's data as the light cycle for a specified set of counting channels.

Also availalbe are simple breakout boxes that convert each RJ-45 input to 7 pairs of banana jacks for direct connection to switches and light detectors.
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The ACT-551-MS-SS activity wheel mouse cage design was developed in a leading circadian rhythms lab and has been found to be extremely reliable, easy to clean and inexpensive.

The wheel is made of stainless steel material and the rotation counting uses a silent magnetic switch.

The switch has two banana plugs at the upper left and lower right corners of black switch housing. These are not electrically connected, but plug into the red banana jacks in the cage wall to hold the switch in place. The switch is therefore easily removable for cage cleaning.

Other mouse models and options are available under request (ask us for more information):
  • ACT-551-FIL-MS-SS: Mouse Cage with Stainless Steel Running Activity Wheel - Magnetic Switch - Filter Lid
  • ACT-551A-MS-SS: Small Mouse Cage with Stainless Steel Running Activity Wheel - Magnetic Switch
  • ACT-551A-FIL-MS-SS: Small Mouse Cage with Stainless Steel Running Activity Wheel - Magnetic Switch - Filter Lid
  • ACT-551SS: Mouse Cage with Stainless Steel Running Activity Wheel - Reed Switch
  • ACT-551-FIL-SS: Mouse Cage with Stainless Steel Running Activity Wheel - Reed Switch - Filter Lid
  • ACT-551A-SS: Small Mouse Cage with Stainless Steel Running Activity Wheel - Reed Switch
  • ACT-551A-FIL-SS: Small Mouse Cage with Stainless Steel Running Activity Wheel - Reed Switch - Filter Lid
The Coulbourn activity wheels are no longer provided with nickel-coated steel wheels. Contact us for more information about the Stainless Steel replacement options.

ACT-551 Wheel Dimensions: 8.4" x 14.25" x 5.6" H

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